This Snug Burger Joint Was The Highlight Of Our Medford Oregon Trip

This Snug Burger Joint Was The Highlight Of Our Medford Oregon Trip

We are always appreciative of a good burger joint. We do have our favorites, but there is still a special feeling when you find a new spot that makes a good burger. A burger maybe a little different than what you are a custom too, but a burger that makes you want to go back for more.

We found Jasper’s Cafe after thumbing through Yelp on our iPhones for all of about 2 seconds. This place stood out, because it was close by and the reviews said we better try this place. It wasn’t long until we found ourself on a cozy little bench outside their front door waiting for a table. We actually waited close to 30 minutes, but it wasn’t because they couldn’t seat us. They have indoor and outdoor seating options. With it being such a gorgeous day, their outdoor seating options reminiscent of a picnic in the park, and me feeling all kiddish with my true love, we had to wait for an outdoor spot.

It was most definitely worth the wait. Once we sat down it wasn’t long before we had our drinks and were chillin like a couple city folk pretending to be taking it slow in the country. You are going to want to chill and take your time at this place, because there are many burger options with unique toping combos and exotic meats. For power lifter, bodybuilder, or gym hero the protein options will make you feel in heaven.

While my drink lacked any type of flare solely due to my discretion,  I ordered a diet coke, the meat on my burger was a burly choice. I went with none other than the bison burger. Now that’s a hardcore lean red meat protein option. I only knew of one other burger joint where I could get bison previous to finding this spot and it is a much bigger chain and only carries bison for short periods of time through out the year. This was in fact a treat. The burger was not huge, but I would find another means to fulfill my caloric needs with ease.

I really wanted to try the onion rings and Mary really wanted to try the tater tots, so we got both. They offer small and large options of each and we chose small. Their burgers are modest, but when it comes to these sides they truly have a different definition of sizing than what we were expecting! The tater tots were golden and crispy, but not burnt on the outside while being soft and tender inside. They were cooked to absolute perfection for our taste. The onion rings were substantial! I just had a feeling that this was not the kind of place that would give you some crappy shoe string onion ring where you really have to search to find the onion in a near hollow batter fried from something that had been frozen back when Brendan Fraser was Encino Man. These onion rings were REAL ONIONS. Thick pieces of onions with a beautiful batter fried to perfection!

All in all Jasper’s Cafe was the perfect spot to enjoy a meal and fuel up for a workout or recover from one. If it’s leg day maybe skip the fried sides and stick to a burger, otherwise load up and get your deep fried pump on! And if it is post workout on leg day make sure you try one of their delicious malts or shakes! I was too full to try one myself, but judging by the way Mary was enjoying hers I can’t wait to go back and get my hands on one.

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