Omni Compression Launches 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeves;

Omni Compression Launches 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeves;

Is there relief ahead for weary knees?

As Omni Compression brings their first compression product to market, athletes and weekend warriors everywhere are training harder than ever. As the fitness industry grows nearly 5% year over year more people are entering the world of weightlifting. As lifting heavy weights can quickly take a toll on joints, injury prevention and recovery are as crucial as performance.

“Joint support is most crucial in those moments when you are pushing your limits.” Shem Swerkes, President of Omni Compression explains, “When you are attempting new feats that test the merits of your very soul the last thing you want to be focused on is the nuances of your joint positioning.”

Heavy and high impact movements are heavily reliant on knee movement. The Omni Compression Knee Sleeve is designed to provide support and stability when there is little room for error in form. These sleeves are made from 7mm of flexible neoprene and anatomically pre-curved. Compression on the knee encourages blood flow and increased blood flow means better recovery.

Vice President Stacy McIntosh shares, “Knee sleeves can be a life saver for individuals who experience knee pain during exercise from conditions such as arthritis or even the notorious knee crackle.”

Omni’s Neoprene Knee Sleeve will primarily be sold through their Amazon store front while they use their website as a resource for customers to learn more about training, power food, and various other lifting and sports related topics.

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