4 Reasons To Wear Knee Sleeves When Training Legs

4 Reasons To Wear Knee Sleeves When Training Legs

In a day and age when there are literally millions of products available to help you build more muscle and get that ripped hard body you always dreamed about, how can you know what you really need? Your joints feel strong and healthy, does that mean you shouldn’t ever use a knee sleeve? The following four reasons were actually the driving force that found us beginning our product line with a cutting edge knee sleeve.


Injury Prevention – Lifting is heavily reliant on knee movement. Compound leg exercises such as squats and deadlifts place great loads on the knee joint. If you are at all interested in progressing in strength and or muscle size then you are constantly pushing for more weight, reps, or intensity. Such heavy loads leave little margin for error in form while a high quality knee sleeve is designed to provide stability for the knee joint. It is not as if your knee will fall apart without a knee sleeve, however, if form is even slightly compromised, that knee sleeve compression may be just what you need to avoid injury.


Aid Recovery – During intense training your body needs large amounts of oxygen, glucose, amino acids, and ATP to allow the muscles to contract. Compression at the knee joint during leg training assists in blood flow to the muscles providing your hard working legs everything they need to do work.


Reduce Pain & Swelling – For those with old nagging injuries, arthritis in the knee, or the notorious knee crackle, the warmth of a knee sleeve can help reduce pain while the compression will reduce swelling. Reduced pain and swelling typically contribute to a better range of motion and increased performance.


Thermal Compression – A well designed knee sleeve is breathable yet provides the joint with warmth to assist in warm up protocols. This results in your knees being ready to perform at higher levels of intensity quicker.


Now you know and you can slide on those Omni Compression Knee Sleeves for your next leg training session and feel the difference in the stability, warmth, and pump even. Whether you are looking for that edge to assist you in performing at your highest level or you suffer from the KNEE CRACKLE, high quality knee sleeves will be a great tool to add to your leg day arsenal.


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