Breakfast Cheat Will Break PR’s In The Gym, But Not Your Bank Account

Breakfast Cheat Will Break PR’s In The Gym, But Not Your Bank Account

I nearly missed out on this little gem, because I was quick to judge a book by the cover. From the outside El Taco Jalisco appears to be a small shack on a corner lot not much bigger than the building itself. Every parking spot was taken and even the street was full. I had no desire to be eating elbow to elbow with anyone nor did I want to wait long, so I was ready to move on. However, my better half said, “Let’s just give it a chance. If we don’t like it, we leave.” I gave in and I’m so glad I did. The location is small, but service and flavor is HUGE!

We stopped for breakfast, so the first experience is the coffee of course. I take it straight, so there is no masking bad coffee with packets of splenda and low fat cream. Jalisco offers some excellent coffee. This cup of Joe, or would it be Jose, was bold, but smooth. They serve it hot and fresh and they keep it coming without delay. Service just the way I like it. Also making it’s way to the table with the coffee was a basket of tortilla chips and salsa. My first reaction was, that’s odd.. chips and salsa for breakfast? I learned very quickly that I enjoy good tortilla chips ANY TIME OF THE DAY!

I ordered a ham omelet which comes with potatoes, refried beans, and your choice of flour or corn tortillas. I went with the flour of course. I also ordered two babacoa tacos. I will warn you that El Taco Jalisco serves extremely cheesy omelets. The eggs were light and fluffy, but the cheese was a little more than what I prefer. Adjust your order accordingly. Potatoes were average while the refried beans were excellent. These beans had mucho flavor without a ton of saltiness. But, the real gem here is the tortillas. El Taco Jalisco makes their tortillas from SCRATCH!!! As soon as I saw a round, but not perfectly round tortilla my eyes lit up. They even have a little thickness to them while skipping the greasiness. I could eat these tortillas with every meal!

Their babacoa tacos were just what I expected after tasting the tortillas. We ordered enough food for three people and spent $20. And if you are on a budget you cannot beat their breakfast special 3 breakfast tacos for $3.99.  You are not getting babacoa at that price, but you can choose bacon and egg, ham and egg, and quite a few other options. These are good size tacos with homemade tortillas. Add a cup of coffee and you are powering up for your next training session on some authentic Mexican food for SIX BUCKS!!! I’m ready to eat here every single time we go to Texas!

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