Big Butts Save Knees

Big Butts Save Knees

At first glance it may not be obvious exactly what impact your glutes have on your knees. Really all the muscles in your body work in harmony to keep your boney ass from falling to the floor. Knee pain is quite common especially among lifters. We do well to investigate what muscles specifically play a role and how we can strengthen them. Besides, who does not want a great backside these days? Whether you are striking a back double bicep, bikini turn to the back, or just want a little junk in the trunk in your gym shorts a nice butt is a great perk to healthy knees.

The glutes are responsible for movement at the hip. Primarily we are interested in the ability of your booty muscles to rotate the thigh inward and outward. Are you seeing it yet? Weak glute muscles can put the knees in a compromising position. Have you ever seen someone on the leg press who no matter how much they are told to keep their knees out their knees come in and almost touch as they struggle to push the weight up? That is the result of too much weight and… weak glutes. They are failing to maintain that outward rotation of the thigh.

As the knee collapses inward this puts your ACL at risk. By strengthening your glutes you will improve your quality of movement at the joint.



Great power move where you can really load some weight on your booty. This movement requires deep action! The glutes engage most when you get a nice deep stretch, so ASS TO ANKLES!


This is another great movement for loading weight on the glutes, but much more isolated. You will engage the hamstrings, however you can focus much more on the glutes by using a weight that lets you push your hips past your belly button for maximum contraction with your booty cheeks.


The abductor machine is an excellent way to isolate your glute muscles. Focus on squeezing and holding in the contracted position for at least a two count. We see too many people doing this exercise too fast to really be activating the muscle fibers to any degree of efficiency. Don’t let YO ASS BE LAZY!


Walking lunges will literally kill you! They require a bit of conditioning and mental strength, however they pay off dividends for both your hamstrings and glutes. The key is to move the weight with your forward leg. When you are lunged your back leg should not be assisting. Most people use WAY TOO MUCH WEIGHT to stand up with just their forward leg and yes we notice. You are not fooling anyone. We know who you are. So quite trying to show off and use a weight that you will actually benefit from.


These squats involve much less quad. You will engage the hamstrings, however if you keep your knees pointed out and push your hips forward as you squeeze the glutes at the top you will find it feels much more isolated to the glutes.


Glute kickbacks are a favorite of women across the country! They are a great isolation movement and if you do them at the end of your workout when your glutes have been exhausted then it doesn’t take much weight to really burn them out.




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