Build Better Knees INFOGRAPHIC

Build Better Knees INFOGRAPHIC

Massage, mobility, strength and form. This infographic covers a bit of everything related to removing knee pain. What I find most interesting is that all the pieces that make for healthy knees are ones that most everyone knows, but really many neglect. You fill find this especially true of bodybuilders. Powerlifters tend to spend much more time warming up where a bodybuilder’s warm up is their first set. Crossfit is another story entirely. These athletes tend to spend time warming up, but their training is approached much more like a sport and often form is sacrificed for performance.

Form is a cornerstone to avoiding injury in that good form is really us just doing movements/exercises the way we are SUPPOSE to do them. Athletes who neglect proper form while training are literally asking for injuries. This does come with some exception to veteran lifters who may have a somewhat unorthodox form that they have developed specific to their body mechanics over many years of lifting.

Mobility work really opens up range of motion. When your mobility is limited and your movements push those limits under load then one becomes prone to injury. This is where bodybuilders often fail. They do not spend enough time with mobility. I have been guilty of this myself. I have always been more flexible than people would guess due to many years of basketball, but I was taught that stretching weakens the muscle and therefore skipped the mobility work. I would choose dynamic stretching over static stretching. I cannot stress this enough: Stretching weakens the muscle as a neural response. If you stretch your left leg then your right un-stretched leg will have the same strength setbacks as the left.  There are other neural responses that play a role in your training such that I believe they negate any strength deficit brought on by stretching. The increased mobility is of greater benefit.

Checkout the infographic and get to work on an injury prevention program to maintain some longevity to your lifting career.


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