Gains Are At Steak With Clem Mikeska’s

Gains Are At Steak With Clem Mikeska’s

At first glance you might think you are not allowed to park in the lot of Clem Mikeska’s unless you own a truck. The parking lot is packed with full size American trucks and mostly with logos accompanies by “Texas Edition” or something of the like. All this horsepower I know there are gains in here! Clem Mikeska’s is pit B-B-Q and steakhouse joint that might have you believe they procure their own game by the looks of the decor. Their stuffed animal collection rivals my daughters.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere as it screamed, “GIVE ME MEAT.” And being that they labeled the joint a steakhouse I had to try the steak. I went with their sirloin medium rare, coleslaw, and French Fries. Mary went with the chicken fried steak which is a great southern comfort food choice when in Texas. Our plates came out quick. In fact the food was done so quick that they neglected  to get myFrench Fries out which ended up being of no concern, because the french fries should have stayed in the kitchen. I did not like the french fries at all. They had no flavor and were unusually dry. Even adding salt did not seem to help. But… you don’t expect a BBQ/Steakhouse to necessarily specialize in French Fries.

The steak somewhat made up for the French Fries. I only say somewhat, because I love good French Fries with my steak. They really do go well together. My juicy grill marked sirloin was plated simply with a small bowl of house made coleslaw. Not too many restaurants make a good slaw and Clem’s is an exception for sure. They make a great slaw in my humble opinion. Once I started in on it I did not stop until it was gone. This sirloin was a little more on the medium side for my taste, but it was close enough that I did not complain. The meat was tender and cut with ease and salted to perfection. Just enough salt to bring out the flavor rather than hide it. I would definitely order this dish again minus the French Fries.

To be completely honest, I did not try Mary’s green beans. I had no desire for veggies at this point. Clem’s was all about meat for me. And, NO, coleslaw does not count as veggies. However, I did dig into her country fried steak and that proved delightful. The breading was lightly crisp at the point the gravy had soaked in. The chicken was all white meat and tender. They fried it perfectly, because it still held the juice. The gravy was rich and creamy as I expected and while I don’t suspect it was low in sodium it did not taste overly salted.


If you are looking for something a little more health/calorie conscious then go with the sirloin and green beans for your side. Ask for no butter and whatever you do, skip the French Fries. Totally unnecessary calories! Not worth it!

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