8 Ways You Can MAKE TIME To Train – Even When You Don’t Have Time

8 Ways You Can MAKE TIME To Train – Even When You Don’t Have Time

“Most common excuse for not exercising? Survey says: “No time.” But examine that excuse at close range and you’ll see it’s usually about something deeper, says Lavinia Rodriguez, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of Mind Over Fat Matters: Conquering Psychological Barriers to Weight Management (iUniverse, 2008). “Typically, it’s lack of motivation, lack of enjoyment, negative associations, fear or maybe low self-esteem,” she says.”

I believe in the Tony Robbins line of thought when it comes to training. When we don’t train it is because we have not made it a necessity. Once we decide this is something we need to do then we will make time. Here are 8 ways you can find more time for training.

  1. Make A Plan – If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. Physically plan your day. And we say physically we mean on paper. Take out a pen and pad and write down what you will accomplish for that day. Make sure one of your accomplishments is fitting in your workout!
  2. Delegate – What is on your to do list that you can ask someone else to do? Can you give some tasks to the kids, your significant other, anyone but yourself. I wouldn’t suggest that you skirt responsibility and off load everything, but getting rid of one or two tasks could make the difference in available time that allows you to go train.
  3. Think Positive – Change your mental outlook. Stop telling yourself, ‘I don’t have time to train’. Instead reaffirm in your mind that you are worth it. You need this. This is an investment in you and your future. You can’t make money or take care of your family if you are sick or your body begins to break down because you are not taking care of it.
  4. Train More Efficiently – An amazing workout does not have to take 2 hours out of your day. An amazing workout does not even have to take 30 minutes. Use the time you have wisely. Train with some high intensity training principles and short rest periods and you can knock out a physique changing training session in a very short period of time.
  5. Train At Home – Sometimes just getting to and from the gym can take 30 minutes or more out of your day. Try training at home from time to time. Use dumbbells, bands, or even your body weight to get your training session in whether you are at home, at the office, or on the road at a hotel.
  6. Partner Up – Get a positive training partner. Partner up with someone who will encourage and push you. You can commit to help each other make time to get your workout in.
  7. Bring The Family – Involve the family and get everyone training. If family time is keeping you from training then make training part of family time.
  8. Make It A Necessity – Most people don’t train or miss training sessions because it is a want or a ‘that would be nice’. Make it a necessity. When you believe it is something you have to do and do not give yourself an option then you will make time. One easy way to do this is to train first thing in the morning. Nothing else happens until training is complete.



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