Knee Sleeves – Good For Leg Day or Nah?

Knee Sleeves – Good For Leg Day or Nah?

Build big quads, hamstrings, glutes, without excruciating knee pain!

Imagine what your leg day would be like if you didn’t have excruciating knee pain. If you could really get after your workouts without having your mind fixated on the pain in your joints.

Inflammation often caused by overuse or injury to the knee is a common cause of knee pain. Knee sleeves will assist by increasing blood flow and keeping swelling down. Wear your knee sleeves through the entire workout and up to 30 minutes after your workout. Wearing your sleeves post workout will help speed recovery. The compression of the sleeves continues to keep inflammation at bay while increasing blood flow.

Structural issues can cause instability in the knee putting you at risk for injury or at best zapping your confidence to really push when you hit fatigue. This is because your bodies sense of position, motion, and equilibrium may be compromised. This is a concept called proprioception. The compression of the knee sleeves will assist proprioception in the knee.

What does this mean for you? Many experience an instant increase in stability giving them the confidence to train harder and lift more weight.

Injury can take you right out of the gym. With increased stability and compression the knee sleeves assist in injury prevention.


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