FST7 Chest Training For Bigger Fuller Pecs

FST7 Chest Training For Bigger Fuller Pecs

Hany Rambod created FST-7 to create Olympia Champions! This training protocol has been the game changer that Hany has used to garner 19 Olympia titles as an IFBB coach. This is an all time record that likely will never be touched again as two of Hany’s flagship clients are current reigning Olympia title holders.

Yes, I am myself far removed from even the dream of ever competing for an Olympia title, but I certainly am capable of changing my physique and would like the same 3d gains that these champions display on stage. Same is loosely used relative term. While I never will look like Jeremy Buendia or Phil Heath I will certainly continue to improve on what I have and FST-7 is best path to allow me to do so.

FST-7 also boasts other benefits that fall right in line with the very mission of OmniCompression. Enhancing performance and preventing injury while creating lifetime opportunities means that we need to train smart and efficient. The very nature of FST-7 ensures that:

  1. Your muscle is properly warmed up before you attempt any heavy compound movements
  2. It also means that your muscles will be pre-fatigued which allows you to push to absolute failure of the target muscle while saving the joints

These two key benefits are huge if you are serious about your ability to enjoy a long and healthy weight lifting career so to speak. Without further ado let’s get into this FST-7 chest workout.

Cable Chest Press

7 sets 15 reps (40 seconds rest)

First and foremost I will mention that it is absolutely crucial that you time your rest periods. You cannot truly know about anything that you do not measure and track. If you are not timing your rest periods you will simply be guessing at how long your rest period is. In my experience this often means that you will be resting too long. 40 seconds means you are beginning your next set as the 41st second comes to fruition.

I choose a cable chest press opposed to a fly, because there is no added benefit to contracting or stretching the chest by straightening the elbow. The function of the chest is to bring the arm across the body and the movement where this happens originates at the shoulder. What a fly will do is put your shoulder in a compromising position opening you up to shoulder injury if you are not careful.

Key Points

  • Keep your chest high and shoulders back
  • Flex your chest before you begin your press in the stretched position
  • Keep your shoulders down – raising your shoulders and shortening your traps prohibits maximum contraction of the pecs
  • Cross your hands over one other – bringing the arm farther across the body contributes to a greater chest contraction
  • Hold your contraction for a count before entering the eccentric phase to ensure you are engaging and fatiguing the muscle fibers to the max
  • Focus on squeezing your elbows together rather than moving the weight from point A to point B

Incline Barbell Press

2 sets 10 reps

If you have never done FST-7 before be prepared to leave your ego at the door. When you get to your first heavy compound movement you will likely not be a strong as you are a custom to. Strength is relative when your goal is building muscle and changing your physique. Certainly fatiguing the muscle should be at the forefront of your mind. Moving 3 plates while your buddy ‘spots’ you doing half the work is completely counter productive. The weight is only a tool. Go as heavy as you can on this movement in the 10-12 rep range without needing a spot. If you need a light spot to eek out reps 11 and 12 then we will not hold that against you, but you should be struggling by rep 8-9 and tell your partner to let you struggle a bit.

NOTE: I make use of wrist wraps to protect both my wrists and my elbows. The wrist flexors and extensors are relatively small when compared to other muscle groups. The wrist wraps keep me locked in and avoid over extension which will ultimately lead to elbow pain while pressing.

A good spotter will recognize when you have hit a wall and will begin to barely help you lift the bar. If it takes you a 3 count to press up rep 9 and a 3.5 count to get rep 10 then you have hit a perfect scenario. Your muscles are fatiguing and you are training to failure.

Key Points

  • Chest high, slight arch in your low back, butt on the bench, feet firmly planted on the floor
  • Shoulders in your back pocket – for the chest to fully contract the traps should be stretched with the shoulders down
  • Elbows lower that your shoulders to avoid shoulder injury
  • Hand position at shoulder width or slightly wider
  • Focus on bringing the elbows together rather than pressing to the ceiling
  • Another good mental picture is pushing your shoulders down through the bench
  • Use wrist wraps to protect your wrists and guard against excessive extension
  • Stop the bar about an inch short of touching your chest to avoid placing your shoulder in a compromising position that could lead to injury

Incline Dumbbell Press

2 sets 8-10 reps

While this is another pressing movement very similar to the barbell press you can vary the stress by increasing the incline of the bench. The barbell bench press is almost always on a bench with a fixed incline. Set the incline on the bench in front of your gyms dumbbell rack to a position slightly higher than that of the the barbell bench press.

All the same rules apply except on this exercise you can train to absolute failure even without the aid of a spotter. Since you are using dumbbells you do not have to worry about getting stuck underneath a bar. Push those dumbbells until they will not move and even let yourself struggle for a count or two in an isometric hold position before you dump the dumbbells. When you fail you can simply set the weights down. Choose a weight where you can work somewhere around the 8-10 rep range, but do not settle for any number of reps. Do as many reps as you possible can.

As you begin to reach fatigue you can give yourself a better chance of injury prevention by wrapping your wrists. Wrist wraps will prevent over extension of the wrist as well as help guard against elbow injuries that result from engaging the forearms under heavy loads.

Super Set Neutral Grip Flat Dumbbell Press to Standing Dumbbell Press 

3 sets 10-12 reps

This is the finisher and being that it is a super set you essentially get 6 sets of chest plumping fullness to finish off your FST-7 gains. Be sure you are sipping a BCAA concoction in between sets to deliver the nutrients your muscles need to grow as you are force feeding every chest muscle fiber with extreme pumps. My go to drink of choice intra workout is Evogen Nutritions Cell KEM.

Start with a neutral grip flat dumbbell press. Hany Rambod refers to this as a power grip. Your palms should be facing each other. You will still use the same pressing motion that you would on a traditional press, but we are allowed two advantages by using the palms facing grip.,

  1. You will get a greater stretch on your pecs without compromising the shoulder
  2. You will realize a greater chest contraction as you bring the elbows together and the dumbbells to a point they are near or actually touching

Immediately after finishing the flat press grab a single dumbbell with both hands while standing and press up and away from your body.,

Standing Dumbbell Press Key Points

  • Smash your palms together always keeping tension between your palms
  • Keep your shoulders back and chest high – this movement does engage your delts so keep your chest up to ensure you are not just doing a shoulder movement
  • Focus on bringing your elbows together as you press the dumbbell away from your body

Add this workout to your split and you are sure to be seeing some international chest day gains in no time! FST-7 is the training protocol used by Olympians to obliterate the competition and surely it will show you some new gains as well.


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