Gym Bag Essential

Gym Bag Essential

You do not want to find yourself without these in your gym bag.

 3 Reasons You Need OmniCompression Wrist Wraps In Your Gym Bag

Wrist Pain

If you experience any kind of pain or discomfort in your wrists during pressing or pulling movements, the OmniCompression Wrist Wraps may be just the support you need to alleviate the pain, complete the exercise, and realize your gains. With heavy loads and session after session of putting your body through intense workouts your wrists can begin to feel the pain. They are a relatively small joint that at times may need the extra support that the wrist wraps provide.

Pressing Movements

Chest presses and shoulder presses are great for building your chest, shoulders, and triceps, but the heavy loads can wear on your wrists. Elbow injuries such as lifters elbow are caused by overuse in particularly when the joint is placed in a compromising position disrupting the kinetic chain. This happens when over extension occurs at the wrist during pressing movements. OmniCompression Wrist Wraps beef up the support around the wrist joint to prevent over extension. You can decrease the occurrence of over extension and lifters elbow by using the wraps for your heaviest lifts.

Pulling Movements

Even the most experienced lifters can experience slight form breakdowns while lifting heavy loads under fatigue. Another common trigger for lifters elbow is flexion at the wrist while lifting heavy loads. Your wrist flexors and extensors are much smaller muscle groups compared to those in your back and chest. The flexors were not meant to take on the task of moving such heavy loads. When you are performing a heavy pulling movement, such as a bent over row, their function is to secure your grip. When fatigue sets in even the smallest flexion at the wrist under such heavy loads can be enough to cause injury. OmniCompression Wrist Wraps will layer up support to help prevent flexion at the wrist while performing pulling movements.

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