Cisse Jalloh Talks Knee Sleeves

Cisse Jalloh Talks Knee Sleeves

Cisse Jalloh is an NPC Figure competitor who has now competed multiple times at the national level.

I actually started fitness at an earlier age, because I grew up with six brothers. I had one kid and gained over 45 pounds. I was lucky if I could make it into the gym once a month, if at all. Just one day I was like, what am I doing with my life?

So, I got up one day, put on my sneaks, started walking. And this was just me walking around the neighborhood for just 30 minutes. 30 minutes turned into 45 minutes. 45 minute walk turned into running. So, I joined a gym.

I started hitting the gym. I started 3 days a week, 4 days a week, and so I’m up at 4 am. I make that sacrifice every single day.

Knee sleeves, oh my goodness. Before OmniCompression knee sleeves I used to have wraps. Wraps I used on most of my heavy leg days, but it was very inconvenient, it was kind of, always in the way. Your knee sleeves I love. Ever since I started using them I haven’t used anything else. They’re snug, they hold me well, they hold in place. I feel more secure when I squat and I squat heavier.

I get very nervous when it comes to my knees because I know I need them. I don’t want any accidents, so I try to be very cautious. But, with OmniCompression knee sleeves it gives me that confidence to go as deep as I can and as heavy as I can as well.

– Excerpts from interview with Cisse Jalloh

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