“I Love Legs Day!”

“I Love Legs Day!”

OmniCompression Athlete Viktoria Grygorian talks about her love for leg day.

Viktoria says she can train legs every day and her love for training legs is obvious in her enthusiasm. It is well known that training legs is important. There are many memes and jokes made about not skipping leg day. Friends don’t let friends skip leg day. You won’t find Viktoria or any of her crew ever skipping leg day.

Viktoria does ultrasound for a living and has found that she is often in some difficult positions leaning over patients. The years take their toll and she had a lot of back, hip, and shoulder pain. Working out everyday helped her to correct her posture. She was able to get past the pain and in turn looks forward to and enjoys her workouts. Viktoria enjoys leg day the most!

How do you feel about leg day? Is it a love/hate relationship? Or, are you all in? Keep training hard and we hope that Viktoria sharing her love for leg day motivates you to get after it for your next leg session.

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