About Us

With decades of experience in marketing fitness, apparel, and gear for big name brands as well as decades spent passionately in lifting big weight we have come to a keen understanding of the void in the fitness accessory category. Many of the brands selling the most product to consumers are out of touch with the sport. They are not experts in the field. They are simply selling their logo on sub par products and lacking a true passion for this industry.

As Omni Compression we are focused on premium power lifting and fitness gear designed to assist you in training like a world champion. Only one man can be the Worlds Strongest Man, but EVERY man, woman and child can train like the strongest man. When there are no limits on your effort you can achieve your greatest potential. We train hard and work harder to develop products that will meet your standards of excellence. All that remains is two choices, Give Up Or Give EVERYTHING!

• Owner operated with a passion for lifting and fitness

• Thoroughly tested in the gym and on the field

• 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

• Expert advice for your fitness journey