Cisse Jalloh – NPC Figure

Height: 5’3″
Stage Weight: 125 lbs
Off Season Weight: 149 lbs
Birthday: November 26th

Next Show: NPC Universe and Fitness National Championships 2018 (Nationals)

How did you get started in fitness?

I embarked on this journey in 2014 after my 35th birthday determined to lose 40 pounds and step on stage. The goal was simple, do one amateur bodybuilding show at the end of the year and that was it. I remember making a commitment to myself to not quit no matter what. I made the choice to change because I wanted to change mentally and physically.

I have always been around competitors and had great admiration for them. Never in a million years did I believe I could accomplish anything of that magnitude. After my first amateur show and being introduced to the spot light, I was hooked.

What motivates you to be your best?

This sport has brought out my strength and a passion that I never knew I had. It Challenges me daily to be my personal best. Every year I set a goal and create a vision board. This helps me visualize and brings clarity to my dreams and helps me stay on track when I get sidetracked or stressed. It reminds me of what really matters.


Truthfully, in the beginning, I didn’t know I had a competitive bone in my body. Now I wake up every morning and the first thing I see when I open my eyes is my vision board. It has helped me transform into this highly motivated, “No days off”, “No excuses”, individual and in return I find myself motivating others which keeps me accountable.

What has made you the most proud along your fitness journey?

My proudest moment is seeing the expression on my son’s face when I bring home my trophies. He sees me working day and night to achieve my goals. Through example, I know I am teaching him the value of hard work and the sacrifices that are made.

What are your current physique goals?

I am currently preparing for my first Figure National show. My ultimate goal is to bring my best figure physique to date to the National stage and earn my IFBB Pro card.

What advice do you have for anyone who is just getting started in their fitness journey?

Push beyond the intimidation and just go to the gym. You’ll see how quickly that fear goes away once you get your heart pumping. There are people of all shapes and sizes, just doing their best to get in shape, so know that no one’s judging you. Do what you enjoy because some activity is better than none (20 minutes cardio, weight lifting, swimming, tennis, basketball, group classes, etc…). Know that a fitness journey is just that, a journey. It will be slow and sometimes you won’t make any progress but stick it out, “DON’T QUIT”. As long as you don’t quit altogether, you’ll see progress.

When you are not in the gym what are some of your favorite things to do?

On my days off from the gym my son and I enjoy some quality time, movies, cheat meals/date night, his AAU basketball games on the weekends or just relaxing at home.