Luis Estrada – NPC Men’s Physique

Height: 5’10”
Stage Weight: 190 lbs
Off Season Weight: 120 lbs
Birthday: July 24th

Next Show: NPC Excalibur/NPC Amateur Olympia

Through adversity comes strength. As a freshman in high school, one of the smallest and unhealthiest students in his class, and all of 100 lbs Luis endured his fair share of bullying. He decided it was time to do something about it. His mom bought him a gym membership and that is where the journey started. Luis didn’t know what he was doing at first, but he was determined to get better. When he got a job working at a local supplement shop and started actually studying the sport, the lifestyle, nutrition, training, and supplements he fell in love with the sport all over again.

What Motivates You

“I often get asked what motivates me daily and I never have a solid answer. I love what I do and I never feel like I can’t or shouldn’t do it. Bodybuilding is a passion of mine and I don’t have any issue waking up and doing what I love. Training is the fun part, food is food, and ample rest is just a part of the process. The amount of love and support I receive from my family, friends, my gym, my sponsors, and my followers don’t allow me to ever give up or even think about not succeeding.”


For most a first place finish would be a great achievement, but Luis proudest moment was what came after. When the younger kids came to his home gym excited to talk about how Luis inspired them in their bodybuilding journey it brought Luis great satisfaction. To leave his mark and encourage others to chase their goals is a dream come true.

Physique Goals

Luis Estrada is far from done with his journey. He is making improvements to his upper chest, bringing more detail to his back, and improving overall density. His stage weight last year was 190 lbs with 205 lbs being the max weight allowed in his class. This means Luis has plenty of room to improve within the Classic Physique division.

Advice For Newbies

“Take your time! I trained and dieted for a full year before I ever even started seeing any results. Don’t be afraid if you don’t see any progress as fast as you think you should, just trust the process and never be afraid to work hard.”

When he is not in the gym Luis loves to cook. Making meals for a contest prep lifestyle that taste good too has become a hobby. Luis is also an avid gamer. His favorite titles include Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Mortal Kombat. He also enjoys a good movie especially the comedies and horror films.