Macey Toney – NPC Women’s Physique 2nd Place 2017 NPC Junior Nationals

Height: 5’1″
Stage Weight: 105 lbs
Off Season Weight: 130 lbs
Birthday: September 4th

Next Show: NPC USA Championships

Macey was born a natural competitor. The same drive that has led her to 2nd place at the NPC Junior National Championships has infiltrated her blood from a young age. She started gymnastics at the age of 3 and was involved in competitive cheerleading for 6 years. Macey was a cheerleader all through highs school while running the hurdles in track both her junior and senior year. She from Kilgore College  to Sam Houston State University studying Kinesiology while competing in coed cheerleading. Her entire life she has been an athlete. Macey finds joy in learning her body and every single year her hard work yields progress in her physique.

Macey Toney mastered the art of turning a negative into a positive in 2014 when heart break sent her to the gym. She explains, “I poured everything I had into the gym and started to find my heart within the iron. I set my first show for the Phil Heath in Houston 2015. No knowledge of the sport and wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. This was the biggest show in NPC history with a total of 1100 competitors. This is my all time favorite moment. I won Figure Class A in novice and Open and then to top it off I won the Overall Figure award!! First show ever and it had me hooked! ”

Since that win Toney had her eyes set on being better. She has strived to beat her physique each and every time she steps foot in the gym. “With my height on my side I am able to gain size and look bigger than I really am. My metabolism is very high so it is difficult to gain size and keep it clean. I am extremely happy with the size and weight I have put on.” – Macey

When asked what advice she would give to anyone getting started in fitness Macey says to keep setting small attainable goals. “I knew I wanted to compete but I didn’t know I would be where I am today. Keep moving forward and never sale yourself short. Anytime we look back it is only to see how far we have come. I tell myself every single day that I am the only person who can hold myself back. Everything we do from day to day is up to us.. we can let life slip by or we can change everything from dreams to reality.” Wise words from someone just 27 years of age, but these are not just words for Macey. This is exactly how she lives her life.

What does Macey do when she is not at the gym?

“I am a huge movie fan and most of the time I am at home watching movies from my collection or Netflix. I am a major Star Wars fan and watch them all in a marathon once a month! “