Power Lifting

OmniCompression Neoprene Knee Sleeve

  • 7mm Neoprene flex-material
  • Heavy duty for heavy lifting
  • Sold as a pair (left and right knee sleeve)
  • Anatomical fit for maximum comfort and no chaffing



Lifting is heavily reliant on knee movement. Heavy loads leave little margin for error in form while the OmniCompression Knee Sleeve is designed to provide support and stability for your knee joint.


Thermal compression assists blood flow aiding in the recovery process both during and after grueling training sessions


Years of heavy lifting take their toll. The OmniCompression Knee Sleeve provides compression to reduce swelling and pain that may result from arthritic joints


Warmth surrounds the joint assisting in warm up protocols so your knees are ready to keep up with your performance intensity

“Knee surgery, arthritis in the knee, bulging disc in the lower back, and approaching father time at over 40 years of age. I utilize the OmniCompression Knee Sleeves to reduce swelling and pain while squatting or deadlifting. I’ll continue to wear the sleeves for an hour after training to promote blood flow and speed up recovery. OmniCompression Knee Sleeves mean NO EXCUSES… Give up or GIVE EVERYTHING!”

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