Scott Emerson – NPC Bodybuilding

Height: 5’8″
Stage Weight: 212-220 lbs
Off Season Weight: 250-260 lbs
Birthday: April 3rd

Next Show: NPC USA Championships

Scott Emerson has always been an athlete. While his weight lifting journey started with football he was inspired by bodybuilding. Scott always wanted to be the biggest kid in school and when he saw Jay Cutler at the 2001 MR Olympia back when they actually aired the contest on ESPN, he immediately became interested in bodybuilding.

Scott is a competitor at heart striving to attain an elite bodybuilding physique. It takes great commitment to adopt a lifestyle conducive to bodybuilding at the highest level. When asked about his motivation Emerson responds, “My main motivation is to be among the elites on the IFBB. It has always been a goal of mine. I feel like I’m so close to attaining my pro status.” He uses his progress and goal as motivation. It is almost as if he can see himself there at the top.

This journey is not with out sacrifice, but the feeling of accomplishment makes it all worth it. Scott has won the Oklahoma Championships and competed at the highest level of the NPC. His proudest moments also included standing on the National stage and seeing so many iconic personalities.

When asked what advice he would give to anyone starting their journey, Scott tells us “My best advice is be patience but consistent every week. If searching for a coach, look at their track record. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. Save money back each paycheck. This lifestyle can become very expensive.”

When he is not at the gym his favorite things to do include spending time with his wife and daughter and playing the drums.