3 Tips For Massive Legs – Dealing With Back Or Knee Limitations

1. Pre Exhaust   Pre exhausting a muscle group is really as simple as it sounds. Most lifters in any given gym will typically start their workout with the compound movement they are strongest on. For instance, if they are training chest they start with the bench press. If they are training legs… well most people don’t train legs, but for the sake of argument let’s say that they do and they start with squats. Why? Compound movements involve multiple muscle [...]


Wearing Knee Sleeves for chest day???

Omni Compression Knee Sleeves are designed to be used in powerlifting and bodybuilding applications. They will typically be used on leg day or for compound movements like the squat or deadlift. Here I use them on my elbows for my pressing movements. The 7mm Neoprene sleeve provides a thermal compression and support for the elbow joint to assist with injury prevention and aid in recovery. The stability the sleeve provides helps me to power through even when I feel a [...]


Omni Compression Launches 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeves;

Is there relief ahead for weary knees? As Omni Compression brings their first compression product to market, athletes and weekend warriors everywhere are training harder than ever. As the fitness industry grows nearly 5% year over year more people are entering the world of weightlifting. As lifting heavy weights can quickly take a toll on joints, injury prevention and recovery are as crucial as performance. “Joint support is most crucial in those moments when you are pushing your limits.” Shem Swerkes, [...]